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Beard Group offers a comprehensive range of leading-edge products and services to legal and business professionals. We produce both print and web publishing products, databank document search and delivery, and conferences.

Beard Books publishes expertly chosen new works and reprints of book titles in a wide range of practice areas. Browse our titles in corporate insolvency, reorganization, bankruptcy, corporate bankruptcy, intellectual property and rights, employment law, and many other law and business topics.

Electronically, through some dozen daily and weekly serials, Beard Group provides in-depth and timely information in areas such as nationwide class action litigation and business opportunities in the insurance, bankruptcy, and healthcare industries.

Litigation Newsletters focus on class actions, intellectual property cases, environmental litigation, and general corporate litigation.

Nationally and internationally, our bankruptcy newsletters deal with distressed companies and businesses in bankruptcy.

Beard Group conducts a highly successful annual Distressed Investing conference.

Complementing our in-person conferences, and drawing on the strength of our network of Webinar experts we offer timely, interactive Webinars, right from your office. Our law and business topics embrace current issues relating to corporate reorganizations, insolvency, and distressed situations, as well as a range of issues covering key aspects of the healthcare industry. And it's affordable: not only do you save on travel, but from a single site an unlimited number of people can participate for a fixed price. In addition, if you miss the live audio conference, you may purchase a CD and the accompanying written materials.

For more information on any particular aspect of Beard Group's activities that interest you, please click on the appropriate heading or title found on the left part of the page.

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